History of brand BOHÁK
  1. Origin of brand

    year 1900

    Bohák company became the Shunda company continuer and also their competitor in 1900. The founder of the Bohák company was Lajos Bohák born on August 6, 1870 in the Slovakian village Kvetná. Bohák´s original idea was to work for Shunda company but they refused to employ him. Bohák received his recognition in 1896 when he introduced his white concert cimbalom at the exhibition. Bohák opened his own workshop in 1900.

  2. Success before war

    year 1927

    Even before the First World War he became an important competitor of V.J. Shunda. Shunda accepted Bohák´s new damper pedal and started to use it himself. After L. Bohák died, the company was taken over by his son Lajos Bohák jr.

  3. Budapest cooperative of musical instruments producers

    year 1953

    In 1953 Lajos Bohák was forced to become a member of the Budapest cooperative of musical instruments producers and he worked as the head of the cimbalom workshop. He managed to produce around 1,000 cimbalom throughout his life which were then exported for the ARTEX company.

  4. Event title here

    May 20th, 2014

    Lajos Bohák ml. zomrel 7. 12. 1984 v Budapesti.

  5. End of generation

    year 1984

    Lajos Bohák jr. died on December 7, 1984 in Budapest and is buried in Kerepesi Cemetery.

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    August 30th, 2014

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  7. Brand owners

    year 2013

    It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Cimbalom BOHÁK s.r.o. company which deals with a precise production and sale of the BOHÁK brand cimbaloms and related accessories suitable for the folk ensembles, orchestras, professional or amateur musicians, conservatories and elementary arts schools. We have been the official owners of the traditional world-know Hungarian cimbalom brand BOHÁK since 2013 and since then it has been our utmost intention to maintain the reputation and the musical qualities of such a unique instrument.


    year 2017

    We mainly focus on the innovative technology in order to reach top sound and aesthetics. Our top craftsmen do their best to ensure the quality of this long-term tradition which has made the Bohák brand famous and the most popular cimbalom brand all around the world. We are proud to cooperate with the best woodcarvers who prepare really detailed carvings with the originality seal for the Bohák cimbaloms. The tradition goes hand in hand with the progress which enables our cimbaloms to be of the best quality for the needs of modern cimbalom player. Nearly all our components have undergone the laboratory testing and our cimbaloms are products with the Quality certificate.

Made to be perfect
Cimbalom BOHÁK ®

Name us the music gourmets. We simply believe that the life tastes perfectly and that our senses are the gift which enables us to live in a beautiful and fulfilling way. We are driven by inspiring people all around the world and by making them happy by enjoying the best and the most honest tones of the cimbalom music.

Since 2013 we have been continuing in old Hungarian tradition here in Slovakia under the Tatras to produce the BOHÁK brand older than a century, being one of the most favourite cimbalom brands in the world.

Cimbalom BOHÁK ® company deals with the precise production and sale of the BOHÁK brand cimbaloms and the other accessories of this type focuses on the conservatories, elementary arts schools, folk ensembles and famous or emerging musicians.

There is a big heart behind the present-day brand put into the production of each and every cimbalom, the hours of creativity, innovative ideas and also the respect of old masters’ traditions.

We keep pushing the quality of our cimbaloms higher and higher. The old procedures are supplemented by the new modern spirit which ensures the increasing quality so necessary for the contemporary cimbalom player. The innovative technology is the core of our work helping us to reach the highest sound and aesthetical quality. This helped to introduce in the market the new light weighted cimbalom.

Nearly all components used for the production are laboratory tested and our cimbaloms are produced with the Certificate of Quality.

We cooperate with the best art woodcarvers who add to the BOHÁK cimbalom the sophisticated carving with the seal of originality. We are happy to produce for our demanding clients a luxurious cimbalom which becomes not only an excellent musical instrument but also it becomes a jewel – a solitaire of the house interior.

We select the wood for the cimbalom production using our heart but also depending on its looks and sound. And the musicians themselves breathe a soul into their instruments.

We really do work on supporting children and young generation to play this beautiful instrument. We have adopted ourselves to this vision by producing more affordable instruments offering also the instalments system to the parents.

Satisfied customers
  • super služby, ak treba, posielanie ladičov, teraz už 2 cimbal, ako vždy, úplne super. Držím palce páni, a som zvedavý na tú odľahčenú verziu. Klobúk dole, palec hore.

    • Peter
  • Spoľahlivosť, precízna práca, dobrá komunikácia. Odporúčam všetkým

    • Ján Durica
  • Koupil jsem si cimbál značky Bohák a hned se mi začali u nás na vsi klanět. Nic lepšího jsem si nemohl přát. Díky.

    • Jan Kalicz Kalicki
  • Vedle cimbálu od Boháka každý jiný už jenom kráká. Výborná kvalita, výborný tón - vážení přátelé, tak to je on.

    • Lukas Ruzicka
  • Great work, great service!

    • Thomas Lundqvist
Marius Preda

Cimbalista Marius Preda je jeden z najvýznamnejších cimbalistov na svete a popredný jazzový cimbalista, tiež hráč na vibrafón, akordeón, husle a ďalšie. Pozrite sa na nasledujúce video. A mimochodom - Marius Preda hrá na cimbal značky Bohák od nás.


Slavomír Hromada has been interested in the sound of the Bohák cimbalom from Budapest since he was a little boy. During his studies in Banská Bystrica he definitely decided to produce cimbaloms in Slovakia.

When Lajoš Bohák died in 1900, his son took over the workshop and the cimbaloms became even more popular, as the Bohák jr. included the latest scientific knowledge into the cimbalom production.

The brand was brought to its end by the fraudsters in 1984. Bohák Jr. died that year and the fraudsters started to brand any low quality cimbaloms with the name “Bohák”. Even though they had nothing to do with the famous brand and they were cheating on people.

Young Slavomír Hromada decided to save this brand. He went to meet the old masters who used to work for Bohák. He had only one goal – to learn about the physical characteristics, the shape and the way of fitting the components on the cimbalom body.

Slavomír Hromada became the owner of the brand BOHÁK in 2013 after successful quantitative analysis and finalizing the legislation process. Since 2014 he has owned the “Cimbalom BOHÁK” ltd. company.

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